You’re probably aware that the devil is in the details. That’s why today we’re diving into a small yet mighty component that can significantly boost your open rates and engagement. Yeap. We’re talking about the email preheader.

What’s a Preheader?

So, what on earth is an email preheader? Well, let’s say it’s the appetizer to your email’s main course – that little snippet of text following the subject line in your inbox. It may seem like small potatoes, but this nugget of info can make a huge difference in your email marketing success. It’s your elevator pitch, giving your audience a sneak peek that makes them want more. 

Mastering the Art of Preheaders

You need to mix the perfect cocktail – it takes a bit of flair, precision, and knowing what your audience loves. Your preheader should complement your subject line, adding just enough intrigue to make the reader click. It’s concise but packed with punch. Here’s how to shake things up:

Size Matters

Less is more. Aim for a sweet spot of 40-50 characters. Too long, and it gets cut off; too short, and you might not pack enough punch. Make every character count. Think of it like a tweet – succinct and powerful. 

Personal Touch

Want to grab attention? Personalize it! Including the recipient’s name or referencing their past behavior can make your email feel like a conversation with a friend. And who doesn’t open emails from friends? For example, “John, see what’s new just for you!” feels personal and engaging. Feels nice to be recognized, doesn’t it?

Experiment with A/B Testing

There’s no magic formula for the perfect preheader. What works for one crowd might flop with another. Enter A/B testing – your best friend in finding what resonates. Test different versions, see what clicks, and refine from there. Maybe try “Exclusive offer inside” versus “Unlock your special discount” to see which hooks more readers.

Stay Out of the Spam Trap

A preheader that boosts open rates is gold, but one that lands you in the spam folder? Not so much. Steer clear of all caps, excessive punctuation, and words that scream “spam.” Keep it genuine and professional. Instead of “CLICK NOW!!!”, opt for “Get your deal today.” 

Sprinkle Some Emojis

Emojis can add a sprinkle of fun and help your email pop in a crowded inbox. But use them like hot sauce – sparingly and with the right dish. They should match your brand’s voice, not overpower it. A well-placed smiley or star can make your message shine, like “Ready for a summer adventure? ☀️”.

Call to Action

A killer call to action in your preheader can be the difference between an open and a scroll-by. You can use action-oriented language and create a sense of urgency, but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to intrigue, not deceive. “Join us now” or “Don’t miss out” are great examples that can prompt action without feeling pushy.

Take Flight with Your Email Campaigns

And that’s a wrap on understanding the email preheader. With these best practices, you’re ready to craft preheaders that not only grab attention but also drive engagement.