Becoming an ESP (email service provider) is powerful.

DeliverabilityAgent clients who opt to become their own ESP tend to have one or more of the following situations:

  • Send email in very large volumes
  • Need to streamline complex reporting and sending processes in order to scale-up and down effectively
  • Have a well established audience or user base
  • Need to rely on their own sending reputation

Why Become an ESP? 

Hello Control

As an ESP you are in total control of your email efforts. No longer are you at the mercy of how another business manages (or fails to manage) their sending reputation. Your operating capacity is only as good as your framework. Regardless of how meticulous your mailing methods, if the neighboring mailers on your shared IP space are bad actors or just sloppy, you take the hit too. That is not only frustrating but also hurts your bottom-line. 

Adios Middleman

Email adds value to businesses and provides an additional revenue stream for hosting or marketing companies (to name just a few) that already have a loyal customer base for their products. Perhaps you have clients whose clients need to stay in touch with their audience. Instead of taking a tiny commission as an affiliate for another ESP, simply cut out the middleman and become an ESP via DeliverabilityAgent. Bill your clients directly.

How Do You Create Your Own Custom Built ESP with DeliverabilityAgent?

Just say the word and it’s yours. It’s that easy.

Why Choose DeliverabilityAgent to be the architect of your ESP?

We Know Email

DeliverabilityAgent, launched in 2008, was created expressly to empower companies to become their own ESPs. It is at the core of what we do. Lead developer, Damian Saez, while working as a deliverability expert for various email focused software companies, foresaw the need for organizations to be in complete command of their own email infrastructure.


Most ESPs employ PowerMTA and a variety of open source code components like qmail. DeliverabilityAgent does not. Everything, including the MTA was written in-house. That means our team has full agency over the software. We are not held hostage by the external timelines of third party software fixes.

The same team that originated the code, nearly 12 years ago, remains in place. As a result, updates occur early and often. A DeliverabilityAgent based ESP benefits from years of in-boxing experience coupled with constant incremental improvements to keep up with the ever changing, always challenging world of email marketing.


It is all ready, already. Your killer tech team is standing by. Your budget is under control.

No need to find investors, front and back-end development teams, create APIs, build servers, design a ticketing and billing systems or hire a tech team to maintain it all. We already invested the capital and the multiple thousands of coding and programming hours to create a powerful email infrastructure flanked with deliverability experts.