How Do I Get Started?

Hit us up on Skype right now or email us at


How are you different from other ESPs or email platforms?

ESPs, even enterprise-level ESPs, operate as if one-size fits all. At DeliverablityAgent you get an email platform tailor-made to achieve deliverability with your data. Additionally our support team is here to help you with EVERYTHING to optimize your list performance, creative selection and email deliverability. 

Will I be stuck with an expensive license and no deliverability?

No. We do not start the clock on billing until your mailing gets cranking. Contracts are month to month.

Is your system better for GI or TLDs?


We will build your platform to suit your lists be it GI, TLD or cables or whatever.

I am a bit of a noob mailer. Will I be able to operate this custom-build?

No worries! If you can mail off a regular ESP you can use DeliverabilityAgent. And whatever you can’t do, our support staff can.

How accessible is your support team?

Very. Most support tickets get answered within 30 minutes.

Our business hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM EST. Support issues are monitored until 11 PM EST. And of course we have a person on staff for late night and weekend emergencies. 

What Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) are you using?

The one we built ourselves. 

Are you going to make me buy several servers and a ton of IP space?

No. We have significantly streamlined the process.

What about SPAM and GDPR?

We design specifically to comply with GDPR and the CAN-SPAM act. You, of course, will need to provide a physical address for opt-outs. Your platform will handle a lot of this automatically for you.