Content Blocks

The possibilities are endless to generate UNIQUE, dynamic, and RELEVANT content on the fly (weather, traffic reports, news... etc).

Our clients are now able to benefit from a game changing feature that was only available for        F-500 companies in the $80k-$100k range and now it becomes available with our standard cluster licenses.

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GeoTracking and Dynamic HTTP Redirection

Every recipient event (opens and clicks) is tracked in the system - down to the city where it happened. This helps tremendously in determining where your traffic is coming from, since there are advertisers who need traffic from specific geographic locations. Many other reports are also available, including recipient clicks, opens, unsubscribes, complaints, destinations domains, and more.

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Adaptive Delivery (Intelligent Message Throttling)

Our system calculates the optimal sending rates based on the responses it gets from the recipient server (deferrals, blocks, etc.), and re-configures itself to be friendlier to that particular recipient (such as AOL or Hotmail). This happens automatically in the background, and greatly improves the reputation of the sending IP addresses.

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Is a complete email marketing platform intended for marketers that need to handle very large volumes of email while ensuring optimum deliverability. We developed the system with the goal of automatically achieving superior list hygiene and optimizing your reputation as a sender. This translates into maximum deliverability, while letting you concentrate on your marketing instead of being bothered with technical details. The time you save by not dealing with list scrubbing, bounce management, and complaints may be worth the price of the service alone. We will even monitor your servers for you to ensure they are always running smoothly and sending at maximum capacity.

The DeliverabilityAgent platform includes our innovative and comprehensive campaign management software, intelligent mail transfer algorithms, flexible server architecture, and much more.


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