Is a complete email marketing platform intended for marketers that need to handle very large volumes of email while ensuring optimum deliverability.

Full-featured Campaign Management Software

The DeliverabilityAgent platform’s web-based interface is an extremely robust application in itself. We have included many features that allow you to import and manage your lists, create text and/or robust HTML emails, schedule broadcast campaigns, set up autoresponder sequences, view activity reports, manage incoming mail, and much more. No need to worry about being overloaded with too many features, as we have designed the interface to be easy to use - all tasks are wizard-driven. The system also ensures that your emails are fully CAN-SPAM compliant.

  • Content Blocks

    Our clients are now able to benefit from a game changing feature that was only available for F-500 companies in the $80k-$100k range and now it becomes available with our standard cluster licenses.

    The possibilities are endless to generate UNIQUE, dynamic, and RELEVANT content on the fly (weather, traffic reports, news... etc). We've seen INBOX delivery at the major domains to increase 70% from our beta testers.

    We have generated a set of free plugins that are available to our entire customer base -- our clients have built ten times more

  • Incoming Email Management

    DeliverabilityAgent handles all the incoming email you may receive during an email marketing campaign. Having a legitimate email address that will successfully receive incoming mail is perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping a good deliverability reputation. Again, the system handles it all automatically so you don't have to.

  • GeoTracking and Dynamic HTTP Redirection

    Every recipient event (opens and clicks) is tracked in the system - down to the city where it happened. This helps tremendously in determining where your traffic is coming from, since there are advertisers who need traffic from specific geographic locations. Many other reports are also available, including recipient clicks, opens, unsubscribes, complaints, destinations domains, and more.

More features

While the DeliverabilityAgent platform makes every effort to keep mailings compliant with the provisions in the CAN-SPAM act, we understand there may be instances where you may have recipients in your list that are not human recipients, but robots monitoring your campaign. Sending any mail to these addresses will harm your reputation, and hurt your overall deliverability. We have included a group of reports that helps you identify these (with different levels of "threat"), and we allow you to cull them from your list if you choose to. Our technology can go a long way in eliminating them from your mailings.

SRBS is a unique feature we offer to optimize deliverability and reputation. Basically, the system detects which domains have placed a block on your various IP addresses. When your campaign is being sent, DeliverabilityAgent detects an IP address that has been blocked by a certain domain, and instead routs the message to use a different IP on your server. This essentially ensures that your "friendliest" IP address is being used for each recipient domain.

Another exclusive feature, similar to the SRBS, is our Deliverability Prediction System (DPS). This will detect which one of your servers is best to use to send out a campaign based on which recipient list you are using, and the amount of blocked IPs for the domains in that list. So, your "friendliest" server is automatically suggested based on your recipient list. Another great way to maximize deliverability! You can imagine the results when DPS and SRBS are used together...

One of the key and unique strategies DeliverabilityAgent uses to improve your sending reputation lies in how it regulates message throttling based on recipient domain responses. Our proprietary mail transfer agent (MTA) algorithms actually use artificial intelligence principles to calculate the optimal sending rates.

Throttling settings work going both ways – the recipient servers give you a maximum capacity of messages per hour, and your MTA is set to send a certain number of messages per hour. Almost all MTAs will only allow you to set your desired messages per hour to be sent, and in some rare cases, a secondary set of throttling settings.

Our system calculates the optimal sending rates based on the responses it gets from the recipient server (deferrals, blocks, etc.), and re-configures itself to be friendlier to that particular recipient (such as AOL or Hotmail). This happens automatically in the background, and greatly improves the reputation of the sending IP addresses.

DeliverabilityAgent handles DNS issues for all the domains that are involved in a properly configured email marketing campaign. This includes the automatic implementation of DomainKeys, DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework). These validation systems are extremely important in maintaining a good sender reputation, and are all handled by the system – again maximizing deliverability, and saving you time and hassle. The system also has integrated Reverse DNS configuration, so you can save time setting up your domains.
We take care of all the technical aspects of the platform. We do the initial setup of the platform components, and we constantly monitor the system to ensure it is stable and running at maximum capacity. This frees up the marketer to be able to focus exclusively on scheduling campaigns without having to worry about technical details, server downtime, etc.
The sending servers can be added or swapped in and out within 24 hours, giving you huge flexibility and scalability with your sending IP addresses and domains. The DeliverabilityAgent platform can accommodate up to 13 MTA servers per “cluster”, with many IP addresses on each MTA server.
The sending servers don't have to be all from the same provider, as with some systems. You can rent servers from as many locations as you wish and plug them into your platform. We are also allied with some of the best server providers in the industry, and can make sure you get the best deal possible on marketing-friendly hosting services.