Frequently Asked Questions

List of regular questions and answers.

We will need to schedule a consultation with you to determine your needs and talk about specifics regarding setup and customization. Contact us at, and we will meet with you as soon as possible. 
We provide you with a license to use our full-featured campaign management software, and all necessary back-end software needed to send emails (database, web hosts, DNS server, MTA services, etc.). We will set up the platform an all of your servers (after the host installs the operating system), and will add/remove MTA servers and IP addresses as requested. We also provide consultation and server monitoring for the duration of the license. 

You will be responsible for providing servers, domain names, and IP addresses. We have built relationships with other leading providers, and can help you get a good deal on leasing servers, buying lists, finding offers to promote, etc. Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help you get going. 
The main difference is our focus on the large-scale marketer, and how we set them each up with their own platform to maximize deliverability. We also offer innovative features that many other services do not, such as geo-location reports, suspicious recipient notifications, intelligent message throttling, flexible MTA architecture, and more. 

Most other services require all of their customers to share the same sending IPs and servers, therefore making them share the same sending reputation and deliverability level. We fully "personalize" the platform to you, so you are in control of your own reputation and isolated from other users. We also allow you to swap out MTAs as you wish - so if you have some servers that are not performing to your expectations, we can replace them with new ones usually within a day. 

We offer an "industrial" solution in that we can scale the platform to fit the largest of volumes. DeliverabilityAgent is not intended for users that only need to send out a weekly newsletter, or an occasional email to their customers. This platform is designed for serious, high-volume email marketers who need the highest deliverability possible. 
We do not provide contact list data ourselves, but we have allied with some of the best providers in the industry. We can refer you to data providers to ensure you get the best deal possible. We also have relationships with some of the largest CPA networks around, so you will have acess to some of the best promotion offers available. 
Our system is designed specifically to comply with the CAN-SPAM act. You will need a valid physical address, respond to "reply to" opt-out requests, etc. Our platform will handle a lot of this automatically for you.